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Gardening and Birding on Vacation August 15, 2011

Well – I couldn’t totally get away from gardens or birds during vacation! It’s something I enjoy so much that it comes naturally to gravitate to these activities.  🙂 olbrich gardens | madison, wi | paula bonelli |

I had a great time at Olbrich Gardens in Madison with Angela. It was a really steamy, hot day so we didn’t tour all the gardens, but had a chance to see the Butterfly Exhibit and the Thai garden.

I also tried kayaking for the first time on peaceful Lake Monona and enjoyed watching the ducks.

Doug and I even got some wildlife watching in during our ride home, stopping at Necedah Wildlife Refuge to watch deer and Sandhill Cranes.

And then there was the customary garden walk-abouts in my family’s yards; always interesting.

All in all, a great trip. Now if I could only find my camera memory card with all my pictures!! Hmmmph…


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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