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VIDEO: Tree Swallow Fledglings June 24, 2011

On the first sunny day in weeks I hurried myself outdoors, coffee cup in hand, to see what was happening in my yard. We’ve had so much driving rain for over a week, I haven’t been able to even go outside.

Despite the weather, the flowers are thriving and blooming even without sun! And the fledglings are everywhere.

I have a narrow side yard, probably about 12′ wide. I set up my cast iron table and chairs in the side garden across from a nestbox and feeders. I sat down with my camera and was only about 6′ away to capture these tree swallows being fed.

This is the 3rd year running that this couple has nested in our box and produced 2 babies a season. Once the little ones begin “hanging out of the entrance”, it won’t be long before they’ll fly away until next year.

What baby birds have you seen in your backyard? Aren’t they fun to watch?


5 Responses to “VIDEO: Tree Swallow Fledglings”

  1. Tata Says:

    Loved this. Thank you. Tata

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