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June Tasks: Slow Start June 13, 2011

Boy our gardens are sure getting a slow start this year with all the cool weather. My vegetable plants haven’t grown much and the flowers are way behind in their blooms. I’m longing for warm days! Grab some annuals and stick them in while you’re waiting for your perennials to catch up! Most of the garden centers are selling them 35-50% off right now.iris |

One perennial I replaced this year (that the rabbits stripped over the winter) was my honeysuckle vine. I picked one up this past weekend for only $8.50 and it’s well established.

How is your garden looking? Is there anything doing particularly well? (Leave a comment; bottom right of this page.)

I try to take a walk through my garden each morning with my coffee to pull a few weeds and see what’s blooming. No doubt you have a few tasks that need doing even with the slow start of warm weather. Grab your clippers and a basket or bucket and join me in these June garden tasks:

  • If your spring-blooming bulb foliage is withered and dry, cut it back.
  • This is a good time to divide any spring-blooming bulbs that are overgrown. Share bulbs with a neighbor or friend, or transplant them to another place in your yard.
  • Prune any spent blossoms on spring-blooming shrubs like lilacs, forsythia, rhododendron.
  • Pinch tips of annual herbs to keep them from getting leggy.
  • Pinch spent blossoms on annual flowers to promote repeat blooms.
  • Stake tall plants and vegetables.
  • Pick your rhubarb. Don’t know what to do with all of it? See tips and a recipe here.
  • As long as it’s still cool, go ahead and keep adding new plants, shrubs and trees until the really hot weather begins.
  • Water pots and other plants during the early morning or early evening hours.

clematis | paulasgardenpatch.comNow, get your favorite beverage, sit in a comfy spot and enjoy your handiwork!


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