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Meow! A Catbird Visits June 6, 2011

During his spring migration to the southeast, we had a gray catbird hang around for a few weeks. We had fun watching him hop around our yard with curiosity as he looked for food. I say “he”, but I’m not sure if it was a male or female since they both look similar in appearance.

Catbirds like thickets and dense shrubs/vegetation, so he was at home hanging out in the lilac bush and under the pine trees in our yard. You may hear this bird before you spot it. It makes many sounds and one is a distinct “meow” from which it gets the name, Catbird.

Did you see any unusual birds during migration this spring? I’d love to hear what came to your yard! Leave a comment using the link in the bottom right corner of this post.

Facts About Catbirds:

  • Medium-sized, gray bird approximately 8 to 8 1/2 inches long
  • Feeds on insects and berries, when available
  • Build their nests in dense shrubs, small trees or vines
  • Group of Catbirds is called a mewing
  • In the Mockingbird family; can imitate other birds’ calls

Listen to the gray catbird’s call.

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Fact sources for this post: National Geographic, All About Birds


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