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Growing Allium June 3, 2011

Last fall I planted these giant allium bulbs to add some height to one of my beds.  They came up beautifully and look great next to the deck standing 24 inches tall.

purple sensation allium | paula bonelli |

giant allium

Each year I try to add a few more spring bulbs to my garden spaces. I have to admit I’m not very diligent about fall planting!

What bulbs do you have in your yard?
I need some new ideas for this year. 🙂

In the allium family, I have garlic chives and regular chives along with these giant ornamental alliums.

They are very easy to grow and are a sturdy plant. The blossoms last a long time and make a great cutting flower.

Tips for growing allium:

  • Plant in October or November before the ground freezes.
  • They don’t like wet feet; plant in soil that drains well.
  • Plant in full or partial sun (they’ll do best in full sun; mine are in part shade).
  • Leave the foliage on the plant after the blossoms have faded. This will feed the bulb for next year’s blooms.
  • Blossoms can be dried; cut spent blossoms and hang upside down in a dry place to use in arrangements.

3 Responses to “Growing Allium”

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I wonder if bulbs work in Florida’s sandy soil.

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