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Video: A Busy House Wren May 23, 2011

We have a funny little wren that comes around every year. He’s so tiny and sings a beautiful song. He can make a lot of noise for such a little thing!

We have had a house on a fence post for this wren for some time. But all he does is fill it with sticks. They fill several cavities or boxes in hopes of attracting a female.  In ours, there is never a nest; they must have a more suitable place nearby that they choose to nest in.

Doug captured some video (1 min.) of him during his annual ritual of collecting sticks (sometimes much larger than himself!) and methodically filling the house. Sometime this goes on for hours!

Interesting Facts About the House Wren.  Did you know?

  • Summer breeding area is most of U.S. including Minnesota/Zone 4; migrating far south for winter.
  • They nest in tree holes (old woodpecker holes or crevices) and nest boxes using mostly twigs for their nests.
  • Weighs as much as 2 quarters [or as little as :-)].
  • They are territorial and have been known to harass other species of birds much larger than themselves.
  • The oldest known house wren was 9 nine years old.
  • Wrens love brush piles for sources of nesting materials.
  • Male House Wrens start building several nests at once in hopes of persuading a female to mate with him.
  • They eat a wide variety of insects and spiders, including beetles, moths, grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, and flies.
  • Also known as a Common Wren.
  • They are easy to attract in an urban area with a man-made house. Click here for nest box building instructions: Build a birdhouse for a wren
  • Both the female and male are identical with the male being slightly larger.

Listen to this bird’s song.

Sources: Wikipedia, AllAboutBirds


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