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Transparent Tulips May 20, 2011

Even though the cold kept most of my tulips from blooming, I did get a few of these pink beauties. With the sun shining on them, they almost look transparent.

In Zone 4 and 5 we treat them as perennials. They like hot, dry summers and cold winters. If conditions are right, you should have no worry plants and beautiful blooms come Spring.

They make a great cutting flower. No need for fancy plant food to prolong the life; just add a bit of sugar to your water, bring them in and enjoy!

Tips for growing tulips:

  • Plant in a sunny spot.
  • Plant in soil that can drain well with the pointed end up. (If you need to amend the soil so it drains better, work in some sand and compost.)
  • Plant them in a spot where the bulbs won’t get disturbed later in the season when you’re planting other things.
  • Plant at a depth about 3x as long as the bulb.
  • Plant in the fall (October or November) before the first frost.
  • After flowering, dead head the spent stem.
  • Plant them in groups of up to 10; I like to plant them in a circular pattern for the best show of color come Spring.

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