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Cluster of Orioles May 17, 2011

For one day this spring, there were so many orioles visiting my feeders that I couldn’t count them all! They ate all day long and have only been back in small numbers since. They must have had a really long journey.

Ways to Attract Orioles:

  • Put out jelly in a tray feeder or a dish that allows ample room for the birds to perch.
  • Put a water source nearby.
  • You can hang orange halves or sections from nails, hooks or put in a tray or cage feeder
  • Be patient – it took me several years of putting out food before I was able to attract them

I had just put out my grape jelly and orange halves. That, combined with some water that had gathered in the bottom of the tray, had them fighting for the best spot.

I saw both the Baltimore and Orchard Oriole that day. The Orchard Oriole is a bit more of a rusty orange to the bright and brilliant orange of the Baltimore, and is slightly smaller.

Do these beautiful birds visit your yard? What attracts them?

Baltimore and Orchard Oriole | PaulasGardenPatch.comCool facts about Orioles:

  • They love open areas with lots of trees
  • They make gourd-like nests
  • Food sources – caterpillars, fruits, insects, spiders, and nectar
  • The Orchard Oriole is relatively solitary as compared to the Baltimore
    Facts’ source:

Listen to the call of the Baltimore Oriole.

In this picture:
– the Orchard Oriole is at the top of the yard lamp
– the male Baltimore Oriole is on the pole of the lamp
– the female Baltimore Oriole is eating the orange below


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