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The Regal Grosbeak May 13, 2011

We’ve had visits from many new bird species this spring…a red-winged blackbird stopped by for nourishment, oodles of orioles and the regal rose-breasted grosbeak!

The grosbeak was at our black-oiled sunflower feeder, but they also like safflower seed. They nest in the top-most branches of a pine tree. We have 4 so I sure hope they are sticking around.

Tuesday, May 10 was full of activity in the backyard. I’ve never seen SO many birds in my backyard at once. And the variety! Wow. Truly a fun day; my camera couldn’t keep up. LOL

It wasn’t until later in the day (when I was looking at the snapshots) that I realized I captured both the male and the female. At first I thought she was a female finch or sparrow.

Do you have grosbeaks? What birds are visiting your yard this spring?

Did you know? Facts about grosbeaks –

  • This songbird is in the cardinal family.
  • They migrate to tropical America in winter.
  • The adult female has dark grey-brown upper body (darker on wings and tail), a buff stripe along the top of the head, and a black-streaked white underbelly with a buff tinge.
  • Juvenile birds are similar to the female, but with pink wing-linings, less prominent streaks, and juvenile males have a pinkish-buff hue on the throat and breast.

Read more about the grosbeak and listen to this bird’s song.


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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