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Online Gardening Tools April 22, 2011

I have so many pieces of paper, notes and seed packets in my hard cover garden journal, I’m considering using an online tool for keeping track of what I plant, where I plant it, success or failure notes, etc.

garden journal | paulasgardenpatch.comI figure it might simplify the whole process. The best part? I”ll be able to access anywhere I have an internet connection. Cool!

I never used to keep track of my plantings or activities, but I find as I age, my memory fails me much too often! :-) Plus, I spend way too much searching through the pile of papers I stuffed in my journal. →→→

Here are a few online tools I came upon that might help. Some require a small fee.

Online gardening journals/planners
Grow Veg, plot veggies, approx. $25 annual fee
Better Homes and Gardens, Plan a garden or design your yard, map out landscaping ideas, FREE
Plant Jotter
, track plants, targeted to zones 3-5, approx. $21 annual fee
Green Thumb Journal, organize garden activities, FREE
My Folia, online gardening journal, FREE (basic account)

Do you keep track of your gardening activities? I f you do, what system works best for you?


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