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Downy Woodpecker March 21, 2011

We have several families of downy woodpeckers, but there is one male from last year’s brood that is the most frequent visitor to the feeders I have outside my kitchen window.

Since he was born nearby and has always come to our feeders for sustenance, he isn’t the least bit shy. He’s really quite funny to watch. He checks out all the feeders and hangs out on the top of the fence or trellis. None of our other downy woodpeckers do this. They are much too jumpy, grabbing their food and flying off. I rather like that he seems comfortable hanging out. Here he is getting nourishment. Isn’t he cute?
(click images to enlarge)

I got the globe cage feeder you see above (right) at Gardener’s Supply Company. The openings on this feeder are just the right size for finches, nuthatches and other small birds, but keep out bigger feeder bullies! The latching top stays firmly in place to keep out squirrels too.

Find it and other gardening supplies online at  Gardener’s Supply Company.


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