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March Tasks March 18, 2011

Thought I’d give you a quick list of things you can do in March (what’s left of it!) to get your garden and bird feeders ready for our long-awaited Spring.


  • Purchase seed packets and get your seedlings started indoors [by the end of March] under some grow lights. I’m putting mine in the dirt today and tomorrow.
    TIP: One of our readers over at the Birds and Blooms blog said she uses old egg cartons to start her seeds. I’m going to try it. Beats purchasing peat pots.
  • Clean and sharpen your garden tools.
  • Weather permitting, make repairs to fences, trellises or other garden structures.
  • If desired for your vegetable or flower beds, test the PH of your soil.


  • Get your feeders cleaned out and filled.
  • Put out feeders that you may have put away for the winter. (Not hummer or oriole feeders yet; still too early in the northern Midwest states. If you live further south, by all means, put them out!) I can’t wait for my hummers to return.
  • Add a new type of bird food to your mix to attract even more feathered friends. This year, I’m going to put peanut pieces in a cylinder feeder. For the winter, we introduced our birds to black-oiled sunflower seeds. They are crazy about it.
  • Put out an old suet cage feeder filled with dryer lint, strings, cotton, etc. to help birds build their nests.
  • When you are doing your spring clean up, put your small twigs in small piles around the yard and near bird houses to make it easier for them to gather what they need for nest-building. We have one particularly busy house wren who will spend all day putting sticks in her house. We help her by putting small piles near her house. She’s a hoot to watch.

We are enjoying sunshine and 50 degrees today, so the snow is melting fast. Woohoo! I know it won’t last just yet, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Until next time, happy gardening and birding.


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