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Dark-Eyed Juncos March 11, 2011

I was glad to have captured this pair of snowbirds at my feeder. Dark-eyed juncos return to the same area each winter, so we’ve seen this pair for many years. They migrate to our area for the winter and will soon be leaving to return north.

dark-eyed juncosDid you know –

  • females migrate farther south than males?
  • in the Midwest, especially the northern-most states, there are more males than females?
  • that juncos are part of the sparrow family?
  • juncos feed on millet, hulled sunflower seeds and insects?
  • juncos are ground-feeders?
  • juncos have 2 broods per year?

Junco fact source: Wildbirds Unlimited

dark-eyed junco




What birds are visiting your feeders this time of year?


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