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Garden Wish List February 25, 2011

My hubby and I have been cleaning out our basement – basically one big storage area – to make room for some different areas now that it’s just the two of us. He’d like an area for his stained-glass studio and I’d like a designated area where I can grow seeds in late winter for planting in my kitchen garden. This will consist mostly of pots or vertical spaces since I have a lot of shade.

I’ve been gathering all the notes I’ve thrown in my Garden Journal since last fall. Each year, I like to try and add one new perennial to my garden. And I’ll also have an opportunity to replace one tree that came down in a storm last year. Since our yard is small, we’ll try to find a non-fruit flowering plum, pear or apple tree. They are fast growers and hold their leaves well into fall.

I also would like to introduce a few new plants and shrubs that have winter interest and bloom late summer into early fall. Seems I have many spring blooming things! I’d like summer-long blooms and stuff that’s hearty enough to provide some fall and early winter interest.

Wish list for my kitchen garden:
tomato, basil, oregano, flat-leaf parsley, thyme, onion or chives, garlic, green pepper, chard or kale

Wish list for new plants/shrubs:
ANNUALS, late-blooming – dahlia, zinnia, chocolate eupatorium, sunflowers
PERENNIALS, summer-long blooming – vanilla strawberry hydrangea
SHRUBS, zone 4, partial shade tolerant – Hiba arborvitae (compact form, Nana)

What do you grow in your Midwest garden? And what new things will you add this year?


One Response to “Garden Wish List”

  1. Paula Bonelli Says:

    Hi Nancy –
    I gave him some classes last year for his birthday because he was interested in it and had drawn several designs. Now the only way that he’ll continue it is if he has a dedicated spot all ready set up for him. So….in the process of getting that done. He’s made just 1 piece so far that hangs in my living room. 🙂

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