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Forcing a Hyacinth Bulb: Progress Update February 7, 2011

PROGRESS PHOTO UPDATE February 18, 2011: Here’s the latest photo in  my experiment of forcing hyacinth bulbs indoors.

My hubby left this on the counter right inside the door when I was returning home from a trip. When I came in, I was greeted with a beautiful sign of spring and a wonderful sweet smell.

Clearly, the bulb vase is the route to go. It produced a much better blossom than growing it in dirt.

Keep your eyes open for vintage bulb vases or reproductions at your local garden centers. They are hard to find. Here’s one of very few places I could find online where you can purchase them: Bulb Vases

bulb forcing progress photo 2-18-11

PROGRESS PHOTO UPDATE February 14, 2011:  Beautiful! In just a few short days, the one in the bulb vase opened. It’s wonderfully fragrant and is such a good reminder of spring on this warm Valentine’s Day. 🙂

hyacinth progress photo 2-13-2011 (2)

hyacinth progress photo 2-13-2011I was walking through my laundry room the other day and thinking, wow, that new laundry soap sure smells good. Then I remembered we buy fragrance-free!

I am forcing my hyacinth bulbs on top of a small fridge near a window in my laundry room. And one of them is starting to bloom. The blossom is just starting to poke it’s little head out and it was the blossom that was so incredibly fragrant. I had no idea.

Thought you might like a progress photo. 🙂



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  1. […] tested 2 methods last year — planting my bulb in dirt and planting my bulb using the traditional glass vase water […]

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