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Forcing a Hyacinth Bulb January 3, 2011

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I’m forcing a hyacinth bulb I received from my aunt. It’s really the first time I’ve forced a bulb indoors except for the very common amaryllis. My thumb is not the greenest indoors, so we’ll see what happens. We have a cold house and not too much daylight, but I’m hoping for some beauty in the coming days as it grows.

It seems like a fairly simple process. Spoken like a true novice!

Choose a pot with good drainage and fill half-full with potting soil. Then adjust soil level until the tops of the bulbs come close to the top of the container. Place bulbs with the pointed ends up. (I’ve only planted the one bulb. If you are planting more than one, place bulbs close together, but not touching.)

Water well and place in a cool, dark spot until green foliage appears. Then move to a cool, sunlit location for flowering, which should occur in approximately 6 weeks. (Bulbs will rot if over-watered, so water only when the pots dry out completely.)

The fall is a good time to pick up bulbs from large home improvement stores (like Menard’s). They mark them way down and you can pick them up cheap!

Here’s what mine looks like newly potted.

hyacinth bulb image

Progress photo January 17

Progress photos February

Read more at Forcing Hyacinths – Martha Stewart Home and Garden


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