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Wow, the Snow! December 14, 2010

I don’t know the exact total for our area, but we received 12-20″ of snow on Saturday. All activities cancelled and no one moving about on the roads. It snowed heavily and by evening the winds made blizzard-like conditions.

Now, there is nothing quite like an unexpected day cooped up in the house! Especially right before Christmas. My hubby and I slept in late, then spent the whole day baking in the kitchen. We made assorted treats, Italian panettone bread and prepped dough for the freezer which we’ll use when the kids are home to make focaccia, pizza, etc.

Doug went out a couple of times during the day to clear snow off our feeders for the birds. Our female cardinal was particularly hungry – she looked so cute sitting in our feeder with snow all over her beak. 🙂







Here she is in our dogwood bush – look hard; she’s camouflaged! female_cardinal_during_snowstorm_web_img





OK – don’t forget to click the images for a bit larger view. I had to take these from my living room window, so they are not the best. I’m lobbying for an outdoor cam that I can mount by my kitchen window. I’ll have to do a little research to see what I can find that will activate with motion.


This is the first in a long time that I can remember snow so deep it blocked our back door (image on left)!
I hope all of you in the Midwest got the chance to stay indoors and enjoy the beauty of an untouched, quiet snowfall.

drift_by_back_door_web_image snow_depth_after_storm_12-11-10_web_img


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