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Help Birds Find Food After Snowfall December 9, 2010

After a snowfall, you can help your backyard birds by making sure your feeders are full. They rely on you for part of their food source and after a snow, it’s often harder to for them to find. Your ground feeders like juncos and cardinals will have difficulty finding food that’s been recently buried under a fresh snowfall. You can help by keeping your feeders full and even sprinkling some seed on the newly fallen snow so it’s easier for them to feed until the snow melts a bit.

This is my winter bird feeding spot in my side yard. bird feeding area imageIt’s right outside my kitchen window and I love to see which birds gobble up the food. This is the first year I moved one of my suet feeders to this area. The downy woodpeckers that were born near our yard are used to us and have moved right over to this feeder even though it’s close to the house. It took my hairy woodpecker a bit longer to come close – he prefers the feeder that is in the middle of our backyard away from our activity. But even he has come to the window area!

Now, the last bird in the woodpecker family I’d love to see on these feeders is my resident red-bellied woodpecker. He’s around because I hear him, but he hasn’t been brave enough to come close yet. After all, this is still his first year in our yard…maybe next year.

My birds seem to love safflower seed (available locally at Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, Ace Hardware) and suet. Here’s a great recipe for making your own suet:

I hope you are enjoying the feathered friends in your backyard this winter!

Ciao for now,


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