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Oh, the Wind! October 29, 2010

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Yikes – have we had wind this week! Good old Midwest gusts. We usually experience gusty winds in the spring and certainly in the winter, but I don’t recall having such a fall. We’ve had hurricane force winds for 3 straight days.

It’s very unsettling and I don’t sleep well. The house creaks, the things in the yard get tossed around and driving is difficult.

I haven’t had time to clean up my yard yet except for a bit of tree trimming and leaf collecting. There is still much to be done. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates so the deck can get finished, my bulbs can get planted and I can put away my precious yard ornaments until spring. I hope my plants stay standing and the birds come out of hiding soon.

Hope you’re enjoying our fall weather in the Midwest. :-/

Ciao, Paula


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