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Don’t Forget to Fill Your Feeders October 27, 2010

Check out these birds from a friend’s feeder and yard. I’m going to ask my husband if he will make me a smaller version of this pole for our yard. Right now, our birds stay pretty segregated. Maybe with a larger feeding area, I’ll see more varieties in the same spot at the same time!

Most of us in the Midwest see a change of season. And with that change, our birds and flowers change or disappear!

While you’re putting your gardens to bed, leave some spent plants standing. I find that my winter birds love my phlox, hollyhock and plume poppy not only for resting in, but nibbling on the blossoms that have gone to seed.

During this time of less activity, you may be inclined to let the food in your feeders dwindle. At the very least, keep some safflower, thistle (Nyjer) and suet for your winter birds. They need the energy and sustenance. They’ll stay around your area all year if you provide them with a good food source. Our birds particularly like a suet that has peanuts in it.

See how many migrating birds you can spot visiting your feeders and yard this Fall. The cedar wax wings have been through our yard (only for one day) and cleaned the berries off our grey dogwood shrubs. We saw pine siskins early in September and welcomed back the Juncos.

Have fun and get out doors whenever you can to enjoy the last few days of nice weather!

Ciao, Paula


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