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Flowers and Hummers August 20, 2010

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My hibiscus is blooming and boy is it beautiful!

Hibiscus web image


Hibiscus web image


The hummingbirds have been so funny. We have 3 females and one male fighting over 3 feeders. They are so territorial that the females are actually bumping into each other to keep the others from getting to the feeder. They chase each other around the yard chattering away. They are unusually busy right now…makes me wonder if they are already preparing for their long journey. That would mean a very early frost! I haven’t been still enough to capture any photos of them yet, but take a peek at these pics of the hummingbird moths that have been hanging out in my Phlox.


Hummingbird Moth


Hummingbird Moth

My hubby has been working at repairing the fence that straight line winds took out a few weeks ago. Here’s the progress photos – old broken off posts and embedded cement removed and new posts put in and setting. Cedar pickets are drying out and should be up in the next week. Can’t wait – backyard feels really naked without this section!

Fence repair web image


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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