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Hairy Woodpecker Visits July 22, 2010

One of the several varieties of woodpeckers that visit our feeders is the hairy. He is much larger than the downy, about the size of a red-bellied, and is very vocal.

The male, female and juveniles visit regularly. The juveniles have grown up with us running around the yard and don’t hesitate to eat if we’re nearby. The adults are a bit more apprehensive and chirp loudly when they want to come and eat. I think they hope we’ll go in the house, but they are becoming more brave. Now they will eat if we stay fairly still.

I captured this shot of the male. Notice the chickadee hanging on the screen underneath the feeder waiting his turn. Our feeders (2) have been busy! [Once again, apologies for the quality of the image – I’m a terrible photographer. Click image for a larger view.]

hairy woodpecker image

hairy woodpecker


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