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Bird-Watching at Twin Lakes July 13, 2010

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We went out to our nearby lake to watch the sunset and see what birds we could watch. Even though it’s only a few miles from our house, there are different birds that hang out near the water.

We were wandering in the grassy peninsula of our favorite picnic spot when we saw a green heron perched on a dead branch. Then he came closer so we could get a good look.

green heron web image

green heron

green heron web image

green heron

At first, we weren’t sure what it was although my hubby suspected it was a heron. Our Minnesota bird book didn’t show it (?), but a wildlife calendar we have showed it as a Wisconsin bird. Maybe he/she was just visiting. 🙂

We walked out on the dock to snap some sunset photos (which I’ll post Friday), and this female kingfisher landed right on the rail, as if to greet us. She stayed a good long while considering we were so close. I was facing into the sun, so I wasn’t even sure what I was getting. But it turned out pretty well.

female kingfisher web image

female kingfisher

Check back Friday for some cool reflective water and sunset pics!


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