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A Multitude of Red Admirals July 9, 2010

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When I went for my jog this morning, I was literally running into red admiral butterflies. There are so many in the air!

I run on the track at our local school and I found myself dodging what I thought was debris or rocks on the track, but they were just butterflies. And as I neared, they flew out of my way. Near one bend in the track, the automatic sprinklers were giving the football field a drink of water and the butterflies were getting a drink off the track. They are such beautiful butterflies.

When I was a kid, I really only remember the monarch butterflies. I certainly don’t see many of them these days. I think the red admirals have taken their place.

When I returned home, I found a multitude there too. They love the pollen of my hydrangea blossoms and the shrub was full of red admirals sunning themselves. [Click the images above for a better view :-)]


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