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Birds, Blooms and Squirrels! June 17, 2010

I have a few more birds and blooms pics to share with you today. Our safflower and suet feeders are very busy with male and female birds feeding their young ones. We find these 2 specific foods provide the best bird-watching since they attract the songbirds and all the crazy birds that can hang upside down to eat the suet. These images are the males either feeding their babies (actually captured on camera), or gathering food to take to their babies.

Male downy woodpecker with baby –

Male, red-bellied woodpecker gathering food for a nearby baby –


We also have caught and relocated 3 squirrels with at least a couple more to go. I suppose we attract them because we have food and water out for the birds. Ugh. They are digging up plants, and worse yet, they disrupt bird nests that have eggs in them! Although I’ve never seen it, I was told they eat baby bird eggs! Out you go you furry little creatures; you are not welcome here. 🙂

squirrel web image squirrel_web_image

They are kinda cute, but in someone else’s yard!

Please forgive the blurriness of the photos – amateur photographer + 3 year-old digital camera + continuous shots=blurry.


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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