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The Hummingbirds Are Back! May 18, 2010

Well, they finally arrived! It’s as if they knew the weather would be cool and rainy for a couple more weeks. But as soon as the sun was back, so were they. 🙂 So far I’ve seen a pair that are very jumpy. They haven’t stayed at the feeders long enough for me to tell if this is our usual pair.

We have a balcony off our bedroom where we like to have morning coffee on the weekends or a cocktail on a weekday evening. We have a feeder hanging from the rail where we can get an up close and personal view of them (within 3-4 feet).

We also have a suction-cup feeder on our kitchen window. I love to cook and I’m in the kitchen a lot, so this way I am face-to-face with their antics. They really can’t see me through the screen so I can press my nose against the window if I wanted and they would be none the wiser. lol  Too bad I can’t get good pictures through the window, cuz I couldn’t get much closer.

The baby robins have hatched in our carriage house garage and the mom and pop robins are busily feeding them. Every time I see them they have a big worm. Yummmmm…supper! The swallows continue building their nest. Since this is only the second year they’ve nested in our yard, I can’t remember when they actually lay eggs. This nest-building process sure is long. They are such pretty birds to watch.

My garden is filling in nicely and I’ve enjoyed the fragrant smells of cut lilacs and lily of the valley in my house. Ah, spring. 🙂

P.S. Update on the critters…we have 2 HUGE rabbits in lingering in the neighbors yard. Thank goodness he hasn’t mowed much yet. They are finding plenty o’food in the dandelions that have gone to seed to worry about venturing into our yard. Or maybe the word is out…don’t go in that yard, you may never come back! lol

We did catch a mangy, stray cat in the trap last weekend. He was making himself right at home in our yard and my husband found him sitting on our swing cushion like he belonged. Grrrr.  We have no other pets so I don’t know why he’s hanging around – he better not be eating our baby birds! But he’s gone now…took him to a place far away where he can catch mice until his heart is content.


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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