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Lilacs, Robins Nesting, Cardinals Feeding May 14, 2010

We discovered our pair of Robins have built a nest in the same spot as last year – way up in the corner of our carriage house garage. The door opening faces our alley and is always open so they can fly in, but it’s not very easy and there is usually a car parked there and we’re coming and going. It fascinates me that birds of all types build nests in high traffic areas – they don’t seem to care. If it were me, I’d want some privacy and quiet! Here’s our momma keeping her eggs warm.

Click the images for an enlarged view!

Robin's nest web image

Robin's nest

Our cardinals have also been busy flitting around the yard. During this time of year, we see the male most often. Although usually quite jumpy, he’s become much less so when we’re around. I’ve seen him hanging out on my shepherd’s hook, sitting on my table and on the fence top.  Yesterday, I discovered the female at our feeder grabbing a bite to eat. Now, this is really not such a great picture because I had to quickly snap it THROUGH the kitchen window, but it’s cute just the same. Her beak really looks red.

female cardinal

Female Cardinal

Our lilac bush is in full bloom, but it’s been raining so much I haven’t even had an opportunity to snip some for the house. They are SOOOO fragrant. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I went out between raindrops today to snap these pics and pick some for my vase.

lilac blossom web image

Lilac Blossom

lilac bush web image

Lilac Bush


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