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My Spring Garden April 27, 2010

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My spring garden is looking so beautiful! I always panic when the snow melts and I see very little in my beds. After a long winter, it’s really hard to imagine (or remember!) which plants are where.

And then there is the annual move-plants-around-the-garden ritual I perform every fall. It’s always such a nice surprise when I wander through my spring garden and see the things I moved here and there and say to myself, “oh yes, I remember I put all the Columbine together here, transplanted some wayward poppies here, and grouped my lillies together under that tree”. So far, everything is coming up beautifully.

The 2 small circular areas of bulbs I planted are really pretty. The flowers are lasting for a long time creating some wonderful color. It was an experiment to see if I would actually make time to plant bulbs in the fall and I was skeptical that layering them in a 12 inch hole would work – but see for yourself!

spring bulbs image

The crocus are done blooming already – they were first up and have the shortest bloom time.


My bergenia also has some wonderful pink blossoms.  bergenia blossoms web image

And my pink bleeding hearts…I love all those trailing blossoms!

pink bleeding hearts web image

The only thing in my garden that is NOT looking so well is my non-fruit bearing plum tree. We lost 1/2 of it in a storm 2 years ago. Last year it didn’t look well and this year, I’m not sure it’s going to leaf out.

If anyone knows of a tall vertical tree or shrub that is Zone 4 hardy – I’d love the hear about it. Currently this tree is as tall as our 2nd story house. I’ll be so sad if we have to remove it. And I’d like to replace it with something that would get as tall (but not very wide) so we can have privacy on our second story balcony and some shade. Fast growing would be preferable. Please comment below and let me know if you have suggestions. 🙂


2 Responses to “My Spring Garden”

  1. Isn’t this spring wonderful? We could use a bit more rain but this warmth has been so great! Sorry about your tree, I’ll have to snoop around at work and see if I can come up with anything for you tree-wise.

    • Paula Bonelli Says:

      Thanks so much! Any ideas you could find would be very helpful. We did get to check out some shrubs and trees over the weekend while in Chicago. None will get tall very quickly, but we’ve got some ideas. In the meantime, I’m still hopeful the tree will leaf out. It’s always the last to do so; we’ll see.

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