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Herbs That Grow Well in Minnesota April 2, 2010

I’m going to plant as many herbs as I can for my kitchen garden. Even though our growing season is short, I have good luck with these herbs.

Likes full sun, plenty of water and will grow well in a pot. I use basil in many salads and other cooked dishes. It’s something my kitchen is never without.

Garlic Chives/Chives
Can tolerate partial sun and reseeds itself each year. I corral mine because it spreads quite easily. Chives are easily used in fresh salads or just about any dish that calls for onions with a nice mild flavor.

Likes full sun and lots of water. Grows like a shrub and is a hardy perennial. I have a couple of these bordering a garden by my swing. Stands up well in hearty dishes and with meats like lamb and poultry.

Likes full sun, will grow well in a pot, in the mint family. The dried herb is more flavorful than the fresh. This is another herb always found in my Italian kitchen. Together with basil, it’s used in nearly every Italian dish I make.

Likes full sun, grows well in a pot. Of course, I like the Italian flat-leaf version. 🙂 Plant it as a companion plant with your tomatoes. The bees that are attracted to it will help keep pests off the tomatoes.


2 Responses to “Herbs That Grow Well in Minnesota”

  1. aero grow Says:

    Can anyone give me feedback on the AeroGrow program?

    • Paula Bonelli Says:

      Wow – that looks really cool! A good way to grow indoors during winter months for those of us in cooler zones. But, honestly, it’s a bit expensive. I don’t think I’d pay that much for the luxury of growing 1/2 dozen plants hydroponically. It would have to be more economical since I’d need more plant space than the device holds.

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