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Inspired by the Sunshine March 5, 2010

I’m so enthused that we had sun all week! I’m so inspired that I think I’m gonna find some bulbs and plant them in a pot so I can have some pretty to look at.

As for the garden, it’s still under MUCH snow. It will be a LONG time before I see my bulbs poking their heads out of the ground. And for the rabbit….UGH! I’m SO angry – he is literally eating everything tall enough to be sticking out of the snow, which means bushes, trees, you name it; he’s eating it even though we have fences around them!

I think that the live trap hasn’t and ISN’T going to work…

Here’s some pretty photos from my garden last year so that this post isn’t so boring. 🙂



Foxglove blossoms I put in the hole of an old brick for this photo. The brick is from my great-grandmother’s house.

tree swallow

Tree swallow momma

This tree swallow took up residence in our bird house with her mate to build a nest. It was really fun watching them.

I’ll only bore you with one more photo…

hearty hibiscus

Hearty hibiscus

This gem I planted last season behind our carriage house. I planted 3 hearty hibiscus and this one did the best for a first season planting. I sure hope it will survive the winter.


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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