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Gems from the Mpls Home and Garden Show March 2, 2010

It was a nice sunny day outside and a good day to take a drive.

I was disappointed that there didn’t seem to be more gardens. A ton of “home” stuff, but I was most interested in all the garden and outdoor wares. There were 3 or 4 Minnesota-themed garden areas done by the large local retailers, but other than that, not much else in the way of plants.

We are going to put a small platform deck just off our back door this year so we were looking for ideas. We found this great bench and planter combo that I think my hubby will have no trouble creating for me. 🙂 I think it can be incorporated along one of the sides of the deck.

planter box bench image

Planter box with attached bench

I also liked this stand-alone plant box that looks pretty and could be moved where we need it.

planter box

Planter box

We saw a TON of water features – here are a couple of my favs:

backyard water feature and fire pit combo

Water feature and fire pit combination

This was a really cool combination of both a fire pit and water feature. I never would have thought to combine the two!

This ‘rock’ had a couple of pieces of slate on the top which is where the
water flowed out and over the rock below. It looked better than the picture shows.

rock water feature

Rock water feature

And this is the pergola I want atop our platform deck…remains to be seen whether I’ll get it or not. I have visions of vining hearty wisteria and hardy grapes climbing all over it. [I have no idea who these people are; they just got in the way 😉 Too bad because behind them is a really neat fireplace/grill made of stone].

pergola web image


All in all, a nice drive to the cities and a day well spent.


Please share your gardening and birding comments with me!

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