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Dreaming of Next Year’s Garden December 18, 2009

That’s about all I can do is dream about next year’s garden since the backyard is covered with snow. Ah, winter in Minnesota. Why DO I live here?!

Seeds should be available in the next month or two, so I can start some serious planning. I’d love to add some more perennials that bloom mid- or late-summer. I seem to have mostly spring-blooming at the moment.

I once had enough sun to plant a glorious vegetable garden. But now, after nearly 20 years of growing my trees and adding a privacy fence, I don’t have much sun; not ideal for our short growing season. I will try to start a few things indoors and may even put veggies in pots so I can move them around so they get the most sun possible.

I also have the option of planting a vegetable garden in my Dad’s yard. He lives about 2 miles away and has plenty of wide open space and a huge greenhouse. But will I ever make time to go there and tend to it? I’d like to think I would make time for it, but I know myself. I won’t get there as often as needed. I’ll have to think on that one…

So for now, I’ll enjoy the upcoming Christmas and New Year, and continue dreaming about next year’s garden!


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