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Spring Bulb Planting October 20, 2009

Well – we had some mild weather (60 degrees) over the weekend and I had an opportunity to get some spring bulbs in the ground. Woohoo!

wheelbarrow image

spring bulb planting

bulb planting hole

bulb planting hole

I dug two 10″ deep holes and layered my bulbs (pointed side facing up).

Tulips on the bottom layer – Daffodils in the middle layer – and Crocus in the top layer.

tulip bulbs

tulip bulbs
daffodil bulbs

daffodil bulbs

crocus bulbs

crocus bulbs

This method/technique was mentioned in my earlier post, Rainy Weather, as provided by  Bachmans.

I tried to find the most sunny spots in my very shady garden. I also marked my planting spot since many times I’ve forgotten where I’ve planted bulbs.

I’ll give you a full report in the spring when I’m able to see how (or if) this layered approach worked!

garden spring bulb marker

garden spring bulb marker


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