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Rainy Weather October 7, 2009

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Boy! Have we had rainy weather. After experiencing a summer of drought, it’s rained for nearly a week straight. I’m already feeling cooped up and it’s not yet winter. I must consider moving out of this state. 🙂

I’m thinking of putting in some spring bulbs. I watched a snippet on the news where a gardener from Bachman’s was showing how to make a splash of  spring color by putting an assortment of bulbs in one hole.  I’ll try to recap for you – (I never realized you could do this):

Start by digging a 10 in deep hole. Place a handful of tulip bulbs at the bottom of the whole and cover with a bit of dirt. Next put a layer of daffodil  bulbs and cover with dirt, and repeat with one last layer of crocus. When the hole is covered, sprinkle with bulb food.

Now doesn’t that sound easy? I’ve never planted bulbs because it gets cold rather quickly here and I’ve never wanted to run all around the yard in freezing weather digging holes for bulbs! I’m such a baby – I’m not much of an outdoor person in the winter.

I think I’ll start small and try one, maybe two, holes this year and see what happens. I’m guessing because they all bloom at a slightly different time, that this will work. But I have my doubts that the crocus and daffodils will be done blooming by the time the tulips want to come up. We’ll see and I’ll let you know my results next spring.

Click here to see Bachman’s Fall Bulb Planting Schedule for Zone 4.

Oh by the way – now that the Vikes and Favre beat the Pack…Go Twins!!!


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