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Gardening at 100 Years Old September 25, 2009

Filed under: Gardening — Paula B @ 10:00 AM

I was truly inspired by a 100-year-old man in Michigan (Au Gres) who still tends his garden of daylilies every day. Up until 5 years ago, he used to sell and ship his lilies; now people come to his farm to purchase them. He sells a clump (handful) of daylilies for $5 and a shovelful for just $8. He has some 500,000 daylilies on 10 acres. During the off season, he distributes up to 10,000 brochures about his plants to the surrounding area.

Now that’s the way to stay young – be active and have a purpose for living. Read his complete story and stories of others who are 100 and still working.

Source: American Profile, September 13-19, 2009


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