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9 Fall Blooming Perennials for Zone 4 September 16, 2009

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I was looking at the waning blooms in my garden and decided I NEED to get some more perennials that bloom later in the season. The garden is looking pretty pathetic, especially with our lack of rain. Everything, including the trees, are wilting and lifeless.

I added turtlehead this year, but there are several on the list below that I don’t have. Every year I try to add a couple more perennials to my garden to fill out the beds.

Here are 9 perennials that bloom in the fall in Minnesota (zone 4):

1. Aster

2. Chrysanthemum

3. Eupatorium (joe pye weed)

4. Helenium

5. Helianthis

6. Heliopsis

7. Sedum (stonecrop)

8. Solidago (goldenrod)

9. Chelone (turtlehead)

Photos and more details about each flower can be found at Marie Iannotti’s gardening blog at


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