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Baby Mourning Dove August 15, 2009

Filed under: Birding — Paula B @ 5:44 PM

Yesterday, on our way out, a baby mourning dove was perched outside our back door sitting on the sidewalk.  She didn’t seem to be at all afraid of us and she didn’t fly away when we got close to talk to her.  She was so cute and we wondered why her parents weren’t near.

This morning I’m sad to say we found her under a nearby shrub and she was dead. Maybe she was trying to get our attention yesterday coming by the door as if to say ‘help me’. I feel bad we didn’t. She didn’t look or act sick and I didn’t want to touch her. Is there any truth to that thing about humans touching baby birds and then the parents shunning them? Maybe we should have chanced it or maybe it’s just the way of nature and she wasn’t meant to live. Still sad, though.




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